History Of Roulette

The origin of roulette is still quite lost. There were rumors that the game was invented in China and popularized in Europe by traders who were trading with the Chinese.

In French, the word roulette means 'little wheel’. Its no surprise that the origin of Roulette should lie in France. Although, there are many different stories about the history of roulette, many believe that the game did begin in France. It was improved upon in the mid l7th Century by a French scientist, Blaise Pascal. While there are others who believe that a French monk created the game to relieve the boredom of a monastic life.

It was only around the end of the 18th century that we saw the first games as modern roulette introduced in Paris casinos. Containing all the features that we have today, the game had one exception; the single zero was colored red while the double zero was colored black.

The Roulette history saw the game travel across the ocean to America in 1800. Americans enjoyed the social game with easy rules and high payouts. They took the game one step further and added a 00 slot, increasing the house odds even more. The use of the double zero roulette wheels survived in the United States and is sometimes referred to as the American Wheel.

It is hard to resist the thrill and exhilaration of the roulette wheel. Many try different strategies while playing roulette, it is important to take into consideration the possibility or probability of large losses.

Online roulette hit the Internet in the mid-1990's. The sheer fascination and charm of the roulette wheel is enough o lure players for many many years to come.

Now that you have imbibed a little bit about the history of roulette, you will understand the roulette wheel much better, knowing exactly where it came from. Maybe you will a lot of money or lose a lot of money, but one thing is for sure, Roulette will offer lots of fun while playing.


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