History Of Gambling In Europe

It has not been a smooth road for gambling as per the Europe’s gambling history. However, gambling in Europe has both developed and flourished significantly since its introduction.

The Medieval Europe saw the popularity of the dice games remain ever popular. The English clergymen and bishops were very fond of dicing, as the history reveals. In 1190 King Richard, issued orders restricting games of dice among the troops. According the history of gambling in Europe, it is believed that the dice game of Hazard was invented by English Crusaders during the siege of Arab fortress of Hazart.

In 1334, an English Law was passed forbidding men to go masked to other people’s houses on Christmas to play dice. Odd or Even, “Head or Tail”, which was played with a knife thrown in the air was a clear favorite. Gambling history of Europe shows other forms of betting like-n pigeon races, cockfighting and other contests are mentioned as other forms of gambling mentioned in medieval literature. Checkers and chess have also been found to be played for money.

15th century saw the popularity of dice games go down. Playing cards, which came to Europe from Asia and Arab world in the middle of the 14th Century, replaced the dice as the most popular way to gamble. Later they spread all over Europe, with a whole new range of variety The complexity of the games played during that time was amazing.

The Middle Ages saw the lottery becoming an important form of gambling in Europe, in addition to the playing cards. Originally in Europe, lottery served the purpose of disposing of expensive merchandise which did not have any buyers. The first English lottery took place under Queen Elizabeth in 1569 with prizes in silverware, tapestry and money.

History of gambling in Europe reviewed above will help you gain a deep insight on the origin of gambling here. Today, European casinos are quickly becoming a very popular form of entertainment. Europe is fast emerging as one of the most popular gambling destination in the world.


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