History Of Craps

History of Craps has lots of disagreements on when and how 'craps' emerged. It remains a viciously contended subject among many scholars and self-professed experts.

According to Richard Epstein, the origin of craps has its roots during the Middle Ages, played as an earlier game known as 'Hazard'. Perhaps the name itself is most likely to be evolved from the English word "crabs”. In the early 1700s, Montmort formulated the formal rules of the game.

Craps history also reveals evidence of it being traced back to the time of the Holy Roman Empire. The Roman Soldiers used to shave down pig's knuckles into the shapes of cubes, and used to play and toss them onto their inverted shields as a form of entertainment while in camp. But the two general variations of Craps played today -"Street Craps" and "Bank Craps".,can be directly traced back in history of Craps.

Geoffrey W. Dibben, the gaming guru and gambling legend believes that the Craps history dates back to before the Middle Ages. The Arabs have been known to play a game using little numbered cubes, called azzahr. Later showing up across the Mediterranean in France, it was renamed 'hasard'. Sometime before 1550 AD, the game jumped the English Channel to England , where the English spelling, hazard, was adopted. Thee early 1700's saw the game cross the Atlantic to the French colony of Acadia, in what is now eastern Canada. By 1843, the game came into American English as 'craps'.

The recent times, with the invasion of the Internet, Online Craps - has become very popular. Today, it is the biggest gambling game in the history of the world in terms of money wagered.


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