History Of Baccarat

The origin of Baccarat is still a little misty. Although commonly agreed upon that Baccarat dates back to the Middle Ages, there are many different opinions on its founding father. It is believed that the game was first played with a Tarot deck.

The word "Baccarat" is taken from the Italian “baccarat”, meaning zero. There is a similar version of the game in Europe, called chemin de fer. History of Baccarat points its origin into be in Italy where it was first created by an Italian gambler Felix Falguierein. Soon making its way to France, it made a home among the upper class French aristocracy

According to another theory in Baccarat history, an Italian money lender, Lino Bussoli, is said to have been the creator of the game. He was always devising new and innovative ways to make money. According to some, he is responsible for a large number of gambling games which have evolved and changed over the years as they spread to various parts of the globe.

The popular form of Baccarat that we know today, originated in Great Britain. It was fast gaining popularity in England, while it was still under dark covers in France. It was played by people mostly for fun though some played just for money too. It was then passed along to South America and finally to Nevada. Reaching America in the 20th century, the fashionable settings and dress codes related to the game attracted people towards the game.

The history of Baccarat shows how evolving and changing over the years, today there are 4 contemporary variations of Baccarat:

a) American
b)Chemin de Fer
c) European
d)Baccarat en Banque

The internet revolution has given the Baccarat game a whole new look and dimension. Within a short period of ten years, Baccarat has become a much loved game by common people who simply want to enjoy the game. Earlier, the game had an exclusive feel about it, existing only for those with money and prestige. Internet has made the game available to anyone and from anywhere.


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