History Of Gambling In Egypt

The civilization of the human race started at around 7000 B.C., on the fertile soil of Mesopotamia. It’s no surprise that the earliest gambling tools were found among archaeological findings in that part of the world. Four-sided and the first six-sided dice cubes marked with pips were found in many archaeological sites in these parts, dating 3000 B.C.

Gaming boards revealed that the people form those times enjoyed playing board games structurally similar to modern Backgammon. If we peep in the gambling history of Egypt, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the ancient culture of Egypt well supported gambling in one form or another.

Egyptians loved to gamble as much as their Persian and Mesopotamian brothers. The ancient Egyptian tombs, adorned by sculptural relief’s depicting numerous gambling scenes are a testimony to this. It is interesting to note the existence of several anti-gambling laws established by 3000-4000 B.C. in the hieroglyphic records from old dynasties. Egypt’s gambling history clearly indicates that gambling had already become a significant part of the Egyptian life.

Egyptians loved to play board games involving 2 dice and a gaming board. The game pieces were moved across the board according to the result of the throw of the dices. Other forms of gambling included “Odds and Evens” games and also guessing games, as per the gambling history of Egypt.

Since the ancient Egyptian dice games, gambling slowly evolved. To date, one will find that - Cairo, Egypt is home to quite a few modern casinos where popular casino games like- American Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Punto Banco, Slot Machines, and Video Poker are played by many hungry gamblers.

History of gambling in Egypt shows how games of chance have always intrigued people of Egypt as a whole. Nevertheless, gambling still remains as popular as ever in this land of great mystique.


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